This will provide:

  • A major solar PV installation to bring renewable power to Chimbota.
  • A development of small, self-contained Boarding facilities for weekly boarding.
  • Development funding for income generating projects.
  • Core funding to support the school until 2020 and financial sustainability.
  • A bond of friendship, support and enterprise

Linked by our entrepreneurial spirit, our desire to harness the power of the sun and the need to build a more equitable future, we will build a bond of friendship, support and enterprise between Chimbota and our project at Dundee Waterfront, Studio Dundee.

Chimbota is an inspirational project bringing secondary schooling to the remote communities in the Villages surrounding Bwelero near Nkata Bay in northern Malawi.

Studio Dundee will retain graduate talent in the city by attracting young businesses, nurture entrepreneurial talent and offer exceptional living spaces for this new creative community.

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