Studio Dundee and Chimbota

Our Enterprise’s flagship development in Scotland is Studio Dundee, part of the Waterfront Regeneration project. Like Chimbota, it is all about an enterprising future. The Studio Dundee Legacy Company will manage the development and establish longer-term links and continued financial support for Chimbota.

In particular, it will:

  • Build links to Dundee’s Universities: the long-term success of the school will be measured by the quality of the educational experience. Establishing Chimbota as a school that helps students achieve a place at University is the ultimate goal. With Chimbota’s links to Studio Dundee and in turn to Dundee’s Universities, this will create future, partnership opportunities.
  • Attract bursaries and sponsorship: any individual can support a bursary place at Chimbota now, to help a young person through school. £10 a term (3 terms) secures a bursary for a year. If any of our corporate sponsors were interested in supporting a pupil all through their school years and even through University, we would love to hear from you. You have the opportunity to, quite literally, change lives.
  • Promote volunteering opportunities: Chimbota and the surrounding villages are remarkable communities in a beautiful place. They are open and inspiring and offer all sorts of volunteering opportunities for the short and longer term. Help in the school, offer your skills to the teachers and Students and help on construction projects. No matter what your skills and background, you will be welcomed into the heart of these communities, making friendships for life.